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Welcome to My Witchy Women Blog.  I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork. Sculpting, painting, sewing, and design are my passions. My creations are combinations of all the treasures I have found throughout my travels. Antique laces from Paris, ribbons, scraps of vintage quilts, a little of the old and a little of the new.

I have always been enchanted by, perhaps bewitched, strangely drawn to the lore of Halloween. My favorite holiday to celebrate! Wind blown nights, glowing jack-o-lanterns, and the excitement of tick or treating.  Ah, the magic of Halloween.

I hope to capture a little of that magic in my creations.  My ladies and creatures come from a different place, far away,  a mysterious, haunting land unrestrained by the laws of our nature.  

I have been inspired by many artists I have met and befriended through the years. Touched by the many places I traveled. Most  profoundly France, New Orleans, and Mississippi - places where the old remains and people remember the past.

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